Lydia – Counsellor Manning, Rockingham and Online

Lydia is your compassionate counsellor ready to support you through life’s challenges. Whether you or your child are struggling with emotions, friendships, navigating anxiety, depression, or relationship strains, Lydia draws on a number of therapies to help understand behavioural patterns whilst providing support and strategies.  She provides a safe holding space which allows reflection and non judgement discussions.

With tailored sessions and the option of Lydia’s therapy dog for added comfort, they will work together to address individual client needs.

Whilst Lydia works with clients of all ages, she has a passion for working with children and teenagers, helping them understand their emotions, struggles, anxieties and complexities of life: providing some light and guidance to their journey as they develop and grow.

Some of Lydia’s key focus areas are:

Emotional regulation and control

Executive Function support

Routines, understanding change

Depression and anxieties

Navigating healthy friendships/relationships

Resilience building

ADHD guidance – reframing of negative thoughts and building self-awareness

Play based counselling for children