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Family Counsellor

Lucinda Family Counsellor offers counselling appointments out of the Manning office as well as Rockingham and online. Lucinda brings her wealth of experience to clients: families, couples, adults, teenagers & children.

Lucinda is a committed, intuitive, warm and empathetic counsellor. She believes that every person deserves to be heard, understood and supported on their path to good health and personal growth. Her objective is to help clients discover their purpose and reach their full potential through meaningful experiences, healing from trauma and through self-discovery.

Lucinda’s area of expertise is helping people get through the challenges, stresses and anxiety in everyday life, especially as anxiety can be an intense and debilitating feeling and experience. Using evidence-based techniques in a safe environment, Lucinda works collaboratively to explore the root causes of anxiety and develop attainable plans for resilience and mental wellness.

Lucinda firmly advocates for digital well-being, since digital addiction is becoming more common in today’s society of continual connectedness. She is dedicated to assisting clients to find an optimal balance between the actual and online worlds. Digital habits are reviewed together, empowering clients to stay in control and feel positive when engaging online.

In addition to working with individuals, children, adolescents and adults, Lucinda is passionate about providing relationship and family counselling. Her strengths-based, fun and interactive approach to counselling allows for hope, meaningful change, empowering clients with the necessary knowledge and skills to live a life of self-compassion, transformation and liberation.

Sessions include: phone, online and in person




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