Welcome ELPI Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog - The Counsellor Collective

I’d like to introduce our first ever therapy dog Elpi who will join us at The Counsellor Collective!
Elpi will be working out of our MANNING and ROCKINGHAM offices with Lydia

“Hi, I’m Elpi (It is like Kelpi and without the K). My name means Hope.

I’m a 2-and-a-half-year-old therapy dog. I work with Lydia in counselling sessions. I love people of all ages. I enjoy pats, making you happy and snuggling up to you. I can listen very quietly to your stories, worries and play games with you. Sometimes you can even teach me tricks. I am very calm, and like giving you comfort and support. I can sit/lay on your knee, lay by your feet or I can sit with Lydia and just be a part of the session.

I am very good and can use my inside voice (inside woof) in session. Sometimes at home however, I like to keep Lydia on her toes. I will steal her socks and run away with them. I have a great sense of humour and like to play.

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