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Clinical Supervisor

Eleanor is the director of The Counsellor Collective, clinical supervisor and counsellor located in Rockingham and Manning as well as offering online appointments.

Eleanor and the team at The Counsellor Collective believes developing the counselling relationship with clients is essential for building trust and achieving positive change. We are passionate about creating safe spaces to be heard. She enjoys her role as a clinical supervisor journeying with people who help people.

We enjoy seeing clients find strategies for life that bring transformation in their day to day living. The team enjoy working with a wide range of people, walking alongside them on their healing journey. The Counsellor Collective aims to create safe spaces for clients to process their story, including trauma as well as grief and loss to find healing and hope again.

All of our counsellors have life experience as well as professional training, with qualifications ranging from Masters to Cert 4’s in Psychology, Counselling, Education, & Life Coaching. Within the team we have a range of experience with all ages & stages from crisis intervention to long term support.

Our counsellors will partner with you to develop a therapy plan to meet your individual needs and goals. We will establish some practical strategies to help reduce short term distress as we plan to do the deeper work that will result in lasting change.

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