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Hi, I’m Lydia, a qualified counsellor, who believes everyone has value and deserves a chance in life I conduct counselling in Manning and Rockingham. I have a gorgeous therapy dog who also can assist in sessions, providing comfort and love to clients during counselling sessions.

Whilst I have a passion for supporting children and teenagers, I also work closely with clients of all ages (children, teenagers, their parents and the elderly community) supporting their emotional wellbeing. Some areas that I can support in (but not limited to) are:

• Emotional regulation and control

• Routines, understanding change

• Social anxieties and behaviours

• Navigating healthy friendships

• ADHD guidance and help around reframing of negative thoughts and building self awareness.

My previous management and mentor experience spanning numerous years gives me the ability and skill set to navigate and successfully manage a diverse range of situations for all ages, not just in the counselling room.

My approach to counselling is characterised by a genuine empathy that creates a supportive and nurturing environment for clients. I use a range of techniques and strategies, tailoring my sessions to suit individual needs, ensuring a personalised and effective therapeutic experience.

My strengths are developing strategies with clients to build their resilience and foster hope and belief in their journey. Through guidance, clients not only find support during challenging times in counselling but also acquire the tools to build lasting skills and values to overcome obstacles and grow a positive outlook on their journey towards a good balance of health and well-being.

Lydia Schifferli

Diploma Counselling

Cert IV School Age Education and Care

Cert IV Education Support (Special Needs)

Beginners AUSLAN

Cert IV Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Counselling in Manning and Rockingham

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