Looking for a Clinical Supervisor?

Eleanor is the director of The Counsellor Collective, clinical supervisor and counsellor located in Rockingham and Manning as well as offering online appointments. Eleanor and the team at The Counsellor Collective believes developing the counselling relationship with clients is essential for building trust and achieving positive change. We are passionate about creating safe spaces to…

Counselling Team - Counsellor Collective

The Counselling Team at The Counsellor Collective!

Welcome to our New Counselling Team. It is my pleasure to welcome these amazing counsellors onto The Counsellor Collective team. They all bring their unique strengths and incredible experiences to helping people on their wellness journey towards hope and healing! Introducing Genevieve Lacey, Liza Ananda, Lynn Wood and Lydia Schifferli our latest counsellors at The…

Counselling in Rockingham

Counselling in Rockingham: The new sign is up in our Rockingham location: much to celebrate!! Our Offices are found at Unit 12, 3 Benjamin Way in Rockingham, If you are looking for affordable Counselling contact us and speak to one of our professional counsellors.

Counsellor Collective New Rockingham Office

The Counsellor Collective provides Rockingham Counselling Services. Welcome to The New Counsellor Collective in Rockingham. Find us at Unit 13, 3 Benjamin Way, Rockingham- Western Australia 6168. Near Gold’s Gym Rockingham. This is our new safe space where people can be heard.. Book in with one of our professional Counsellors. The Counsellor Collective